Walmart’s SNES Classic Pre-Order False Alarm Causes Mass Confusion But The Real Deal Is Coming Soon

snes classic
If you pre-ordered an SNES Classic game console from Walmart last week, your order may have been cancelled. There have been a lot of rumors flying around out there about why exactly the orders were cancelled. According to comments over at Nowinstock, multiple pre-order buyers are confirming their orders were cancelled. Reports indicate that the cancellations weren't because Walmart oversold their SNES Classic allotment. That is good news in a way, because it means those of you with cancelled orders still have a chance.

The reason your order was cancelled wasn't due to a payment issue either. Orders were cancelled because the person in charge of the "Go" button over at Walmart pressed it too soon. This was confirmed by a chat conversation that Twitter user Matt Rodriguez had with someone who appears to be from the Walmart customer service team. 

The customer service chat person told Rodriguez, "The reason why this order is cancelled is because it was incorrectly published on the site on Friday night, 7/21. The item is scheduled to be republished next week." Many of those commenters at Nowinstock are reporting having similar chats with Walmart customer service agents. You see the silver lining here? The SNES Classic is going up for pre-order again this week. The catch is that we don't know exactly when the pre-orders will kick off again.

snes classic

The early pre-orders opened last Friday night, and by Saturday morning the world thought that the SNES Classic consoles were sold out. If you completely missed that pre-order and you have your heart set on a SNES Classic, you need to keep your eyes open and your wallet close at hand.

Walmart isn't the only place where you will be able to pre-order the SNES Classic, Target is said to be getting in on the action. Target confirmed it will offer pre-orders for the game console, but didn't say when pre-orders would start. You will also be able to pre-order at Amazon and Best Buy with no clear indication of when sales will start. We do know that like the previous retro Nintendo console the NES Classic Edition, the SNES Classic Edition will be a limited run device.