Sling TV Retaliates Against YouTube TV, AT&T TV Cord-Cutter Fee Hikes With Price Lock Guarantee

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It hasn't been a great week if you're a cord-cutter trying to escape the rising prices of traditional cable TV and satellite TV packages. We first reported that Google was raising YouTube TV prices to $65 per month, and AT&T TV raised prices by $10 across the board for its packages. Even FuboTV has responded with price hikes of its own, forcing all customers onto a new $65/month family bundle.

Sling, on the other hand, has been sitting back and watching all of this transpire from the sidelines and has now responded with solution of its own. But there are no price hikes that have been announced for Sling TV; at least not yet. Instead, the company is introducing a new 1-year price guarantee for new and existing customers, as if to say "we've got your back."

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Sling says that all Sling TV customers with service as of August 1st, 2020 will be locked into their current pricing through August 1st 2021. At face value, this sounds like awesome news for Sling TV customers, as they will be able to enjoy their service with no surprise price hikes for the next year. However, we have the feeling that just like rivals YouTube TV and AT&T TV, there will be at least some price hikes coming in the future that will eventually filter down to customers once this 1-year "hands off" period ends. But hey, we'll take it, Sling.

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The company even seemed to admonish its rivals for raising prices during a time when many Americans are finding it harder to make ends meet due to COVID-19. "We believe now is not the time to make our customers choose between staying informed and entertained, and putting dinner on the table," said Michael Schwimmer, Group President for Sling TV. "Our hope is this 1-Year Price Guarantee will bring a sense of much needed stability in a time that feels uncertain to us all."

Kudos, Sling for taking the opportunity to do the right thing and resist the money-grab that your competitors are engaging in.

We should mention that even before the price hikes that hit cord cutters this week, Sling TV was already one of the most affordable services on the market while maintaining at least some remaining semblance of a la carte pricing. Sling Orange ($30/month) gives you access to 30+ channels including ESPN, while Sling Blue (also $30/month) provides access to 50+ channels. A Sling Orange + Blue provides the best of both packages at a cost of $45/month. There are also a number of channel packages and premium channels that can be added for $5 per month, giving customers quite a bit of flexibility.