SLI Notebooks in Feb/March?

Aussie website has just published a very interesting bit of news regarding SLI-capable notebooks. According to their sources, we can expect to see a notebook featuring two GeForce Go 7800 GTX GPU's showing up in retail sometime in late February of early March. Although we can't comment on any details, you can be sure the usual suspects will be offering this configuration as soon as the ODM's have finalized the designs. I suppose the days of laughing at notebooks at LAN parties are gone as an SLI notebook with GeForce Go 7800GTX GPU's would likely trounce 90% of the desktops in attendence.

A source close to ITC, a market leader of custom made notebooks in Australia, has informed us that there is indeed such a notebook in development. Unfortunately, no details on the CPU or chipset were given, but according to our source, the new SLi notebook will be shipping by late February to early March. Heat and power consumption has always been the big issue with developing such a system. According to another source, this notebook will have 2 cooling systems. One will be the traditional intake from the underside of the laptop with the vents at the rear. The second will have a blower-style tunnel system taking air from one side of the notebook, cooling the 2 x GeForce Go 7800GTX GPUs and blowing it out the other side. By the sounds of it, this will not be a quiet system. But it should make up for that with its extreme gaming performance. This notebook should easily score 11,000+ 3Dmark05 points.