Sharp Recalls Sony Batteries, Fujitsu Expands theirs

Sharp has announced that it is recalling 28,000 Sony Lithium-Ion laptop batteries that could be prone to overheating and subsequent fire.  Sharp has stated that the affected batteries are from 7 different models.  Fujitsu has also expanded their recall to include 51,000 more batteries on top of the already 287,0000 they recalled earlier this month which would affect some 35 different models.  Dell, Apple, Lenovo, Toshiba are just some of the other manufacturers who have issued recalls in the past several months due to these batteries.  Total recall numbers are well into the millions across all of these manufacturers.

TOKYO - Japanese electronics makers Sharp and Fujitsu announced plans Friday to recall laptop batteries made by Sony, adding to an already massive global recall of the batteries that are at risk of overheating and catching fire.

Via:  Chron
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