Sharkoon Silent Eagle

Golf ball fan now available in 120mm version
Sharkoon Silent Eagle 120mm / with 1000 or 2000 rpm / suggested retail price: $14.69

Sharkoon is introducing a new version of its golf ball case fan: the Silent Eagle is now also available in a 120mm size. The larger model moves more air than an 80mm fan at the same rpms and noise level.

The particular advantage of the Silent Eagle is its unique design: the rotor blades have the same surface structure as a golf ball. The blades are covered by small round depressions, which golfers refer to as "dimples". These slight concavities markedly improve airflow as well as reducing the noise level. In addition to the blades, Sharkoon has also optimized the fan's frame with rounded edges designed to improve air intake.

The Sharkoon Silent Eagle 120mm is available in two models. The Silent Eagle 1000 120mm spins at 1000 rpm and moves an airstream of 62.53 cu. m per hour at a noise level of 19 dB, while the Silent Eagle 2000 120mm spins at 2000 rpm and moves an airstream of 129.79 cu. m per hour at a noise level of 36.1 dB.

The 80 mm case fan has a white propeller and black frame and rotates on a robust metal sleeve bearing. The fan can be connected to the mainboard or the power supply. A 3-pin/4-pin adapter cable with a separate connection line for rpm monitory is included in delivery. Sharkoon also includes fan screws and rubber bolts to muffle vibrations and acoustically isolate the fan from the housing. The 3-pin connection line is encased in a protective sleeve of rubberized fabric to help prevent cables becoming tangled and hung up on other hardware.



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