Seasonice Power Monitor, Thermaltake 480PSU and Others

Good morning friends, welcome back to HH :)  The news front is moving at a pretty steady pace this AM.  So, keeping this short, sweet; here is your first shot of juice for the day...

 BigBruin.Com Review: Seasonic Power Angel Power Monitor

"Seasonic has sent over one of their newest items for review, but this time around it is something other than a power supply. The Power Angel is a compact diagnostic tool which allows users to monitor power consumption of just about any 110V device. Ever wonder how much juice your high-end PC is drawing? Or much money that air conditioner is costing you every month? The Power Angel power monitor is just the device to let you know."

 Thermaltake Silent PurePower TWV480 Power Supply @ Systemcooling

"PC power supply unit (PSU) manufacturers continue to look for ways to differentiate themselves from the crowd and make their products stand out. A recent trend has been the inclusion of a power meter, which provides the user with visual feedback of how much electrical power their system is using. The new Thermaltake Silent PurePower TWV480 Total Watts Viewer power supply features a digital watt meter mounted into a 5.25" bay panel. In addition, the package also includes two front panel fan speed controls for the PSU exhaust fan and an included 80mm case fan. The TWV480 PSU is available in two models: one with Active Power Factor Correction (W0043) and the one that we will be reviewing, which does not include active PFC (W0044)."

 Zalman Reserator 1 @ ipkonfig

"Water cooling has made several changes within the last two years with introduction of easy kits, and external units, making them more portable also. But now Zalman comes out with their version of a fan-less watercooling kit, and from what we've seen--the only version currently on the market for the consumer side."

 Intel Pentium 4 550 (3.4 GHz LGA775) Processor @ Bjorn3D

"Although its current processors are not quite outperforming the ability of these interfaces, Intel Corporation decided recently that it was time to introduce a new package for their flagship Pentium 4 line of processors in order to get ahead of the curve a little bit. The engineers at Intel chose a design that is quite different than any other mainstream CPU available today. The processor design itself has not changed; the packaging of the processor is what has changed. Intel is still using the recently released Prescott core (replaced Northwood) for their Pentium 4 line-up."

 HIS Excalibur X600XT PCI-E Review @ The Tech Zone

"The X600 XT has proven itself in our benchmarks and comes at a much cheaper price than the X800 Pro. The card turned out to be very overclockable which is great news for all of the tweakers out there. The X600 XT comes a with blue LED lit cooling system which makes the card look very sharp. The software included allows for great video editing and recording ability using the ATI Rage Theater. The Excalibur X600 XT is a very all around solid graphics card and is why I highly recommend it if you are looking to get a bang for your buck."

That is all I have at this point-in-time.  I will catch you back here later in the day :) - Cheers