Seagate Wants To Put 1-TB In Your Pocket

Pay attention class, there will be an exam at the end of the lesson. Presently the portable hard drives top out at 120GB and grow 40% larger every year. This means that the mighty Seagate 750GB drives of today will fit in your pocket in just under 6 years, and the TB barrier will be broken wide open in 7. That is, if the math holds. With flash solid-state drives being the hip new thing, the 1.8" mechanical drives may or may not be so fashionable by then.

"The Seagate rep just got back to me after doing the math. He told me there's a Seagate slide that "shows a 2.5-inch drive (the ones used in laptops) reaching 1TB by 2013. Using that calculation and assuming 40% growth stays as the annual growth rate, a 1.8-inch (the ones used in PMPs like video iPods) would reach 1TB by 2014." Bummer, that's farther off than I was hoping."

Ok so it seems kind of silly to put 1TB in your pocket, but does anyone remember those first 1GB drives?  How many people laughed and said that they'd never fill that thing up?  How many of those people complain about their MP3 player(s) not having enough storage?


Extra credit: Use the same formula (40% capacity increase/year) and figure out when we'll be installing our first multi-PB drives in our high-end rigs.

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