Seagate Plays Rough With SSD Makers

The distinctly different manufacturing expertise needed for success in the mechanical and the solid state storage markets means that few companies are prepared to play both sides of the fence.  As faster and cheaper SSDs loom, it isn’t surprising that major players are doing everything they can to stop or stall the march of progress long enough to give them time to catch up.

Enter Seagate’s CEO Bill Watkins who made good on his promise to sue SSD manufacturers if it looked like they were going to become a threat.  Here’s what Bill had to say:

"Unfortunately, others in our industry have taken shortcuts in the race to innovate, and in the process, we believe they are relying on intellectual property developed or acquired by Seagate to their own benefit," remarked Watkins. "Seagate has not been a particularly litigious company, but we have an obligation to our company and our shareholders to protect what belongs to them."

The current target of Seagate’s legal wrath is STEC, who claim that Seagate never contacted them regarding licensing technologies.
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