Seagate Announces 180Gbit/Square Inch Platters

If you're somebody who really likes their storage then this press release from Seagate ought to make your day:
Building on its storage technology leadership, Seagate (NYSE:STX) today announced that it has begun worldwide volume shipments of the industry's first 250GB-per-disc, 3.5-inch disc drive on the strength of second-generation perpendicular magnetic recording technology.

Packing an industry-leading data density of 180 Gbits per square inch, the one-disc Barracuda(r) hard drive sets new benchmarks for power consumption, acoustics and performance for Seagate desktop PC hard drives - all critical factors in providing the massive amounts of storage required for the world's exploding volume of digital content at home and in the office. Low power consumption reduces operating temperatures, crucial in ensuring high reliability and a long drive life.
Seagate says that their upcoming 1TB drive will use the new platter techology.  Progress is a wonderful thing, isn't it?
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