How To Score A PlayStation 5 For Just $350 And More PS5 Black Friday Deals

PlayStation 5 and DualSense controller on a gray background.
'Tis the season to be jolly about Black Friday discounts on pretty much everyt product category that exists. Naturally, not all deals are created equal. One that certainly stands out, however, is a big saving on Sony's PlayStation 5 game console. With a little bit of luck and legwork, you can snag one with a disc drive for $150 below the MSRP.

How so? First, you need to be a Target Circle member, as the discounted offer is exclusive to those who subscribe to the retailer's free rewards program. Then head over to the PS5 page at Target, scroll down, and click the Save button where it says $349.99 Price in cart on PS5 video game console with Target Circle. Once you've done that, add the PS5 to your cart.

Note that the deal is for in-store pickup only. Where the luck comes into play is finding a retailer nearby that still has it in stock. This deal went live yesterday so that's going to be tricky, though not impossible. The other caveat is that this is almost definitely for the previous PS5 and not the recently refreshed model, which is unofficially called the PS5 Slim. It still functions the same, however, and for $350 it's hard to complain.

PlayStation 5 Spider-Man bundle.

If you miss out on in-store deal at Target, your next best bet if you're in the market for a PS5 console is to take advantage of a bundle offer, which have popped up in time for Black Friday. The bundles listed here all revolve around the refreshed PS5 that just came out. It features the same core hardware inside, but is a little bit smaller and lighter in design.

Here are the bundle offers on tap...
Both of those bundles include a download code for their respective free game. So while you're not saving on the cost of the console, you're at least getting something extra.

Sony DualSense controller.

Consoles typically come with just a single controller. That's a shame because first-party controllers are on the pricey side. However, you can grab an extra DualSense controller for a discounted price right now, and with a variety of color options to boot.

It also just so happens that Valve recently added official support for DualSense controllers on Steam. Using a DualSense controller to play games on Steam is not new, but native support is, which should lead to better experiences—developers can take advantage of special features such as motion input and high-resolution haptics.

Here are the color options, plus a handful of PS5 gaming device deals...
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