Sony's PS5 Slim Will Arrive In Time For Christmas With Some Key Changes

PlayStation 5 Slim (Blu-ray and Digital editions) with two DualSense controllers on a gray background.
It finally happened—Sony took the wraps off a new PlayStation console, though it's not a more powerful PlayStation 5 Pro. Instead, Sony launched the inevitable PlayStation 5 Slim refresh in both Blu-ray and Digital (disc-less) form, both of which are built around a thinner and lighter form factor while retaining the same overall design language.

According to Sony, the refreshed game consoles represent a greater than 30% reduction in volume, leading to 18% and 24% lighter designs compared to the regular PS5 models. For what it's worth, the weight reductions are even higher if comparing to the launch-day models rather than the most recent revision. Either you way you slice it, however, the PS5 Slim with a Blu-ray drive weighs 3.2 kg (~around 7.05 pounds) while the PS5 Slim Digital checks in at 2.6 kg (~5.73 pounds).

PlayStation 5 Slim laying horiztonally next to a DualSense controller.

Sony also redesigned the side panel scheme. There are now four separate panel covers, with the top portion getting a glossy overhaul while the bottom section remains in a matte finish.

The biggest design change, however, is that PS5 Slim Digital owners can add a Blu-ray drive if and when they decide. It's now a detachable add-on, though it will cost you a bit more in the long run versus just opting for the PS5 Slim Blu-ray from the get-go. We'll get to that in a moment.

Other changes include dual USB-C ports on the front (1x 10Gbps and 1x 5Gbps) versus USB-C and USB-A (one each) on the previous models, and a bump from 825GB to 1TB of storage. The remaining specifications are the same, as well as the rated performance metrics (up to 10.3 TFLOPS of graphics performance and 448GB/s of memory bandwidth).

What about pricing? The PS5 Slim with Blu-ray is $499.99 in the US, which is the same as before. However, the PS5 Slim Digital Edition gets a $50 price hike to $449.99. That's partially offset by a tad more storage, though we'd be happier about it if Sony opted for 2TB.

PlayStation 5 Slim with the Blu-Ray drive detached, next to a vertical stand on a gray gradient background.

Meanwhile, the Blu-ray drive can be purchased separately for $79.99, so you'd be looking at a total $529.98 investment if going the piecemeal route. Additionally, you'll have to pay extra if you want to stand your PS5 Slim up vertically. It comes with a stand to lay it down horizontally, but in Apple-like fashion, a vertical stand that's compatible with all PS5 models will be sold separately for $29.99.

The PS5 Slim will be available "this holiday season" starting sometime in November and will completely replace the current models once those units sell out.