Sapphire X800 GTO2, Flat Panel Furniture Buying Guide

Hey folks, the news is moving a bit slow, but it's still moving. AMD Zone has updated their Quake 4 benchmarks to include some numbers using two Radeon X850XT PE cards(Crossfire). On a more depressing note, Baseball season is now over, ended by a 4 game sweep of the Houston Astros by the Chicago White Sox. Two Sox in two years. It's the most generic thing to say, but I'll say it... there's always next year. Well folks, I'm out. Goodnight!

ATI's Radeon X1800 XT Breaks 1 GHz Speed Barrier

Finnish over-clockers make world GPU history

PORI, FINLAND - October 26, 2005 - An independent team of Finnish over-clockers has made world history by over-clocking a graphics processor to engine clock levels above 1 GHz. The record was set on the recently-announced RadeonR X1800 XT graphics processor from ATI
Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT).

Noted Finnish over-clockers Sampsa Kurri and Ville Suvanto achieved graphics engine clocks of 1.003 GHz and a memory speed of 1.881 GHz (940.50 MHz DDR (dual data-rate) memory clocks) with maximum system stability and no visual artifacts.

The team, optimistic that higher speeds could ultimately be achieved with the Radeon X1800 XT, attained the record speeds using a custom-built liquid nitrogen cooling system that cooled the graphics processor to minus-80 degrees Celsius. "We're just warming up," joked Kurri. "But we believe that the Radeon X1800 XT has even more over-clocking headroom, and in the coming
weeks we expect to achieve higher clock speeds and even greater performance levels."

Flat Panel Furniture Buying Guide @ Designtechnica

"Does your old, pressboard IKEA TV stand from grad school look out of place with your new plasma screen? If so, check out the following suggestions to help you organize and jazz up your home entertainment theatre quicker than you can find something decent to watch on TV."

Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9 (GeForce 6100/nForce 430) @ Hardware Zone

"One of the first few motherboards based on NVIDIA's new IGP chipset is here. The Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9 is packed with high-end features you'd usually find in a regular nForce4 Ultra motherboard plus HD audio support as well, but does it perform?"

Sapphire X800 GTO2 @ Neoseeker

"We have just posted our review of Sapphire's X800 GTO² card. This board comes with an R480 core that can be unlocked to a full 16 pipes. The Core can be overclocked significantly, ultimately turning the board into a near X850 XT PE equivalent."

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