SanDisk Sues 25 Flash Storage Vendors

Today Sandisk filed a lawsuit against 25 other flash memory vendors, aiming to erase some of their profits.

The roll call of the companies is a long one, but here goes: ACP-EP Memory, A-Data, Apacer, Behavior Computer, Buffalo, Chipsbank, Corsair Memory, Dane-Elec, Edge, Imation/Memorex, Interactive Media, Kaser, Kingston, LG Electronics, Phison Electronics, PNY, PQI, Silicon Motion, Skymedi, Transcend, TSR, USBest, Verbatim, Welldone Company and Zotek/Zodata.

SanDisk says it's just enforcing its patents to be "fair" to the companies that already license its technology for flash storage devices.

Quite a few of those names are well-known, such as Apacer, Buffalo, PNY, PQI and Corsair.  SanDisk said the companies would have a chance to sign up for its licensing program, but failing that, it will pursue legal action "aggressively."