Samsung's Itty Bitty 64 Gigabitty Flash Chip

Samsung is the first manufacturer to utilize 30-nanometer scale technology for NAND flash chips. It introduced its very powerful and very small 64 gigabit flash chip earlier today. 30 nanonmeters is 30 billionths of a meter.  A single chip could be assembled from the maximum 16 of these little wonders that would hold the equivalent of 80 DVDS.  Interestingly, the manufacturing process Samsung is using is capable of even finer circuit size and greater miniaturization.

Samsung said the latest chip was developed by applying a new manufacturing technology dubbed ``self-aligned double patterning technology (SaDPT).’’

``Without additional investment, the technology enables us to make even 20-nanometer circuitry. That’s very inspiring,’’ a Samsung official said. Samsung has already applied for 30 patents in the U.S., Japan and South Korea for the 64-gigabit flash technology and connected products.

Samsung is poised to make a lot of money on this technology. Market research firm iSuppli estimates demand for NAND flash memory for desktops will grow by 450 percent annually for five years, with 130 percent growth for mobile phone applications.
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