Samsung Inadvertently Shows Off Galaxy Z Fold 6 And Flip 6 Designs Ahead Of Launch

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Fold 6 leak
Samsung Kazakhstan is in trouble. It appears someone uploading assets to the company's Kazakhstani website clicked the wrong file and revealed the unannounced Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6. The promo graphic doesn't provide much detail, but this is the first verifiable look at the design of Samsung's upcoming foldables.

The leaked image (above) shows both phones partially open. The Flip 6's external cover display is on, showing the same file-folder-like shape as last year's clamshell phone. The situation with the Fold 6 is a little more interesting. We only see a glimpse of the corner of this phone's internal foldable OLED. This is only a render, but the bezel looks narrower and flatter than the Z Fold 5's.

Both phones show off their camera arrays in the image, but nothing looks physically different there. The most noticeable change is the move to flatter edges, which match the Galaxy S24 family and the latest iPhones. It certainly looks slick, but the sharper edges might make this gigantic phone less comfortable to hold. That said, it's essentially a small tablet when unfolded, and the iPad has similarly flat edges while also being seen as the gold standard for tablet industrial design.

Z Fold 6 leak render
This earlier CAD-based leak is looking more plausible.

The shape of this phone matches a previous leak based on CAD files, lending credence to the rumor mill on this one. Another leak claimed Samsung would make the Z Fold 6 shorter and wider, making it a more usable shape when closed. Perhaps its just the angle, but the ratio of the screen does seem to have changed. The display crease is also supposed to be less noticeable, but we can't determine that from the leaked image. The image does, however, make it clear these devices will get the Galaxy AI features first released on the S24 phones.

Samsung is expected to reveal the Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 in late summer or early fall. The Z Flip 6 will be priced around $1,000 while the Fold 6 is going to be the most expensive phone in Samsung's lineup, probably around $1,800 like the previous model. Samsung used to have the foldable market mostly to itself, but competition from Google, OnePlus, and myriad Chinese devices will make the 2024 refresh interesting.