Samsung LCD, Athlon64 4000+, Sweet Cases and Silent PSUs

Good morning all!  Can you tell the holiday season is approaching fast?  More commercials, more people in stores and a lot of computer hardware hitting the market.  We've got lots of treats on tap in the weeks ahead, so be sure to stay close to HH for the latest updates!  For now, here is your morning news...

Samsung Syncmaster 193P 19 inch LCD Monitor Review @ Futurelooks:

"What do you get when you cross one of Samsung's great LCD Monitors with the looks of an Apple iPod? Well, you get this! Samsung takes some design cues from the PC Alternative Giant. Is this the monitor for you?"

AMD Athlon64 4000 Processor @ GamePC Labs:

"Looking to round out the year in style, AMD has finally started shipping their Athlon64 4000 model to market, their fastest Athlon64 processor to date. The 4000 model is identical to that of AMD's previous generation high-end Athlon64 FX-53 processor, but is packaged under a new name and a new price tag. We compare the 4000 to other members of the Athlon64, Pentium 4, and Pentium-M families."

Techniz has a review of the NZXT Nemesis Elite Edition Case:

"NZXT Introduces the Nemesis Elite, built on a aluminum body with a screwless design. The Nemesis is filled with features like the LCD Temperature Display. It's capabilities include thermal display/alarm/sensing for your CPU, Hard drive and Video Card to insure your system stays cool. The three blue led 120mm fans included provides cooling and silence both at the same time. Since NZXT's goal is to create unique products and designs. Their R&D Department spends hours researching and finding ways to improve their product months before production. As a result, they've used a method calling "Die-casting", a technique typically seen with laptops and is the first ever in the case industry."

Antec Sonata Mid-Tower Case @

"While diminutive in size, the Sonata has a deceptively high amount of drive bays - 9 in total! Add to that the features added to the case to help maintain silent operation, and a nice silent PSU, and you have yourself a case worth looking at!"

OCAU has reviewed the Zensonic Z400 Media Player:

"After setting up the wireless connection, the network settings were entered. As well as an IP address, the Z400 requires gateway and DNS IP addresses, as it connects to the Zensonic website to download new firmware itself (more on this later). An IP address for the Z400 can be static, or assigned by a DHCP server elsewhere on the network. Once the network settings are complete, the setup wizard closes. You can change any of the setup options at any time by going back to the setup menu using the remote control."

Thermaltake Purepower Fanless Power Supply Review @

"In the never ending quest for the silent PC, Thermaltake weighs in with their solution to combat the ever noisy power supply. The Thermaltake Purepower 350W Fanless PSU operates absoultely fan free, as the name would suggest, but lets see how it stacks up performance wise..."

That's what we have for now, but there will be more real soon!