Samsung Laughs At iPhone X LTE Speeds And Rips Apple Genius Bar In Galaxy S9 Ad

Samsung Ad
Samsung never misses an opportunity to throw some shade at Apple, its main rival in the mobile sector. There is no love lost between these two tech giants, and if anyone needs reminding of that, just check out Samsung's latest advertisement poking fun at the iPhone X. This time it's not over the infamous notch, however, but the phone's download speeds.

The ad begins by spoofing the Genius Bar. It's titled "Ingenius: Speed" and it features what is supposed to be an Apple Store employee. A customer walks in, who the employee instantly recognizes as Rosie (from previous ads), and asks about the iPhone X's download performance.

"Okay, so the ten doesn't have the fastest download speeds?," Rosie asks. The employee responds, "Well no, but it is faster than the iPhone 8." Rosie follows up her query by asking for affirmation that the iPhone X doesn't download any faster than Samsung's Galaxy S9.

This exchange makes the Apple employee visibly uncomfortable, especially when Rosie says, "But I thought [the iPhone X] was the smartphone of the future." The statement leaves the employee at an absence for words, seemingly suggesting that the iPhone X is over hyped and that the Galaxy S9 is every bit as good (and better, according to Samsung).

Tech savvy users will understand Samsung's hidden reference to a series of Ookla speed tests a few months ago. Those tests showed the Galaxy S9+ performing downloads 37 percent faster than the iPhone X (and also 17 percent faster than Google's Pixel 2, and 38 percent faster than Samsung's own Galaxy S7).

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Speed Test

"This summer, speed is a must. More than 4-in-5 (85 percent) Memorial Day weekend travelers say it’s important to have shows, videos, or movies to watch while they are traveling to their destination. And two-thirds have even rushed to download something on their phone before a flight was taking off3. With the high-performing Galaxy S9 and S9+, travelers will be able to enjoy the fastest networks to download their favorite content," Samsung said at the time.

It's expected that Apple's next round of iPhones, likely to be announced this fall, will feature faster download performance. By then, however, Samsung will undoubtedly find something else to mock.