Apple iPhone X Defies Doom And Gloom Outlook To Become World's Best Selling Smartphone During Q1

iPhone X
We've listened to the channel reports, we consumed the analysts’ projections, and we even heard from AMOLED display supplier Samsung that there was trouble brewing for Apple's iPhone X. However, once Apple's Q1 earnings were actually reported, it was revealed that the iPhone X outsold its other iPhone counterparts for every week during the quarter despite its $999 starting price.

Now, Strategy Analytics is reporting that the iPhone X wasn't just Apple's best-selling smartphone; it was also the best-selling single smartphone on the planet. “We estimate the Apple iPhone X shipped 16.0 million units and captured 5 percent market share worldwide in Q1 2018," wrote Juha Winter, a Senior Analyst for Strategy Analytics.

But it doesn't end there; the iPhone X's performance has truly been remarkable compared to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which share the same blazing fast Apple A11 processor. "Apple has now shifted almost 50 million iPhone X units worldwide since commercial launch in November 2017. The Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus shipped 12.5 and 8.3 million units, respectively, for second and third place," added Winter. "Combined together, Apple today accounts for four of the world’s six most popular smartphone models.”

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The top 5 selling smartphones globally were the iPhone X, followed by the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, and Xiaomi Redmi 5A. Samsung's Galaxy S9+ didn't crack the top 5, but did place 6th overall.

Apple expected blockbuster sales from the iPhone X, and it has definitely delivered. To see how much the iPhone X has affected Apple's bottom line, just look at the average selling price (ASP) for all iPhones year-over-year. The ASP for all iPhones was $655 for Q1 2017, but that soared to $728 during Q1 2018. That explains why Apple was able to gobble up 86 percent of all smartphone profits globally.

"It's one of those things where a team wins the Super Bowl. Maybe you want them to win by a few more points, but it's a Super Bowl winner and that's how we feel about it," said CEO Tim Cook during Apple's earnings call with analysts. "I could not be prouder of the product."