Samsung Trolls Apple iPhone Throttling And Display Notch In New Galaxy S9 Commercial

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Apple has been involved in a few controversies over the past six months, most recently with butterfly keyboard failures on the MacBook Pro. However, prior to that, the company came under fire for the peculiar display notch on the iPhone X and performance throttling due to “well-seasoned” batteries on older iPhones.

Samsung has of course been taking notice of what’s going on in the world of iPhones and has followed up with a new commercial that trolls Apple. The commercial follows the travails of a woman as she navigates through a busy airport, only to be literally slowed down by her iPhone 6, which is experiencing performance throttling issues. By the time that she gets on the plane, her phone is slowed down to the point of being unusable as she looks on lovingly at a passenger who is enjoying a movie on his Galaxy S9+.

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The woman eventually ends up stopping at an Apple Store where she is persuaded by a Genius to simply upgrade her phone to avoid performance throttling and unexpected shutdowns. Along the way, there’s a “notchy” cameo from an actor that appeared in Samsung’s last commercial mocking Apple.

After a user investigation identified and detailed battery throttling, Apple finally came clean about the practice and implemented user controls in iOS 11.3 to disable throttling altogether (at the risk of experiencing an unexpected shutdown). Apple also slashed the price of replacement batteries to appease customers. 

On the display notch front, Apple’s iPhone X was mocked incessantly upon its release. However, Apple has had the last laugh considering that the iPhone X is now the world’s best-selling smartphone according to Strategy Analytics. In addition, the iPhone family captured 86 percent of all profits in the global smartphone market. Android manufacturers are now practically tripping over themselves to implement display notches into their new smartphone designs, and Google has added native support for the notch in Android P.

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As for Samsung, a recently leaked design patent shows that the South Korean company is working on future Galaxy smartphones with a notched display, although there is no guarantee that such a product will actually be marketed.