Samsung Mocks Apple iPhone X And Notch Worshiping Users In Latest Galaxy Commercial

iPhone X Line

It has been a tradition over the years for Apple fans to stand in long lines for the privilege of buying a newly released iPhone model on launch day. For rival Samsung, it has its own iPhone tradition—poking fun at Apple, while pointing out the strengths of its latest Galaxy handsets, strengths that oftentimes elude the newest iPhone. Like a 3.5mm audio jack. Well, Samsung is at it again with a new ad campaign that mocks the new iPhone X, and several iPhone models that came before it.

Samsung's ad starts off with a camera capturing tired customers standing in a line outside of an Apple store for the original iPhone launch in 2007. Several would-be customers are seated on the ground. The scene then shifts to 2010 and shows an iPhone user trying in vain to take a picture, only to be alerted that they have run out of storage. In contrast, Galaxy devices throughout the years have generally shipped with more storage and benefited from a microSD card slot.

The fact that Apple used to shun bigger size displays was not lost on Samsung, either. Under Steve Jobs, the iPhone never deviated from using a 3.5-inch display panel, and it was not until the iPhone 5 when things began to change, albeit slowly at first. At one point in the ad, Samsung eludes to having played a part in proving there existed a market for larger displays, and in particular phablets like the Galaxy Note. We see a Galaxy Note 3 with a 5.5-inch display next to an iPhone 5S with a 4-inch panel.

Samsung's ad is labeled "Growing Up," and indeed it shows the evolution of both the iPhone and Galaxy line, with the latter seemingly a step ahead at every juncture. Later in the ad, we see an iPhone plopped in a bowl of rice after taking a dip in the lake, while the Galaxy handset is unscathed. And at another point, a confused looking iPhone customers unboxes his handset and dangles a 3.5mm adapter, mocking Apple's decision to ditch the popular interface for plugging in audio accessories.

There is a lot of burn in the ad, though Samsung really turns up the heat near the end when we see a dude standing in line waiting for the iPhone X, with a top notch haircut. The message, of course, is that it looks silly—on people and on Apple's newest iPhone.

Funny as the ad is—and it is pretty funny—it is not likely to slow sales of the iPhone X. Apple sold its initial inventory, with new orders quoted as shipping in 5-6 weeks.