Samsung Patent Hints At Game-Changing Galaxy Z Fold 6 Design Changes

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If a U.S. patent filing is any indicator, Samsung's next-gen Galaxy Z Fold 6 may lose the tall, slender-man shape of previous Folds,  potentially replacing it with a revised hinge mechanism along with a broader, thinner device design. While it might be too soon to rejoice, patent filings usually mean companies have nailed something down and, in this case, points to Samsung making some changes to its (so far) sedate foldable design.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Hinge Patent

Based on a new patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Samsung could bring a major design shift to the next generation Galaxy Z Fold 6. The phone strives to solve the problem of how thick foldables are when closed. The document not only shows a wider aspect display, but also a heavily revised hinge assembly that helps to keep the device thin while reducing the creasing effect. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Hinge

The svelte cross sections begs the question about what it does to battery capacity (thus battery life) plus whether there's credence to the S-Pen stowage rumor. None of the diagrams in the patent document hint at the potential stylus silo location, and if it were internal, the stylus would likely have flat sides, which might not be the most ergonomic. Some rumors point to an externally docked pen, which makes more sense, however.

Regardless of what transpires from this patent award, we're excited to see Samsung finally showing its old spark for development and design, especially in light of how little it's Galaxy-line of smartphones have changed over the years. In the foldable arena, one could say that OnePlus might've been responsible for waking Samsung from its stupor with the OnePlus Open. In the US, the Open has been praised for offering the ideal foldable aspect ratio (compared to the lanky Fold 5 and stout Google Pixel Fold), almost invisible display crease, flagship performance, long battery life with the fastest charging among the three, and a robust camera package at a lower price. 

Will the Fold 6 make final production? Only knowing how well the rumor-mill works, we'll find out soon enough.