Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Hands-On Video Tour And Demo Action

galaxy note 20 ultra hero

We posted our coverage of the various announcements to come from Samsung’s most recent Galaxy Unpacked event as they unfolded on Wednesday. You should check out our coverage of the brand-new Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, along with the new Galaxy Tab S7 and other accessories if you happened to miss it earlier -- we're not going to rehash any of the technical details again here.

Originally, we were scheduled to get our hands on some of the devices in time for Unpacked, but Tropical Storm Isaias had other plans for us and prevented a trip into Manhattan to meet with Samsung. Fortunately, the shipping gods were on our side and our Note 20 Ultra arrived only a few short hours after the embargo lifted. As soon as the phone hit the lab, we fired it up, got everything updated and pulled together a quick hands-on video to show you the phone in action. So, without further delay...

Full reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 are under embargo for a little while longer, but rest assured we’ll have something more in-depth posted as soon as possible. For now, we’d suggest checking out this deep dive into the ASUS ROG Phone 3 to level-set expectations as to what the Snapdragon 865+ 5G mobile platform inside the Note 20 can do in terms of performance. As you’ll see, it’s one heck of a performer in-light of current flagships. Although we can’t say anything definitive just yet, we suspect the Note 20 Ultra, with its fast LPDDR5 memory and storage is going to put up some good numbers on all fronts as well.