Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 Flagship Android Phones: What We Know So Far

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Who really knows what the immediate future will bring in terms of new hardware releases, as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to throw a wrinkle into plans. That said, it is still somewhat expected that Samsung will unveil its Galaxy Note 20 this summer—perhaps in early August, if sticking to the same time frame as the Galaxy Note 10. What will it bring to the table?

Upgraded specifications are a given, though not necessarily across the board. In particular, rumor has it the Galaxy Note 20 could end up with a smaller battery than Samsung's flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra (though it would still be an improvement over the Galaxy Note 10).

The rumor has it roots at Galaxy Club, which claims the battery in the flagship Galaxy Note 20 Plus will be 4,500 mAh in capacity. Samsung uses the same capacity in its current generation Galaxy S20 Plus, but the battery inside the Galaxy S20 Ultra is 5,000 mAh. So, the Galaxy Note S20 Ultra would actually less capacious than Samsung's top Galaxy S20 phone, if the information is accurate.

Compared to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, however, it would still be an upgrade—the Galaxy Note 10 Plus wields a 4,300 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus Could Get A 108MP Camera Upgrade

Camera performance is one of top considerations when buying a smartphone these days, and the Galaxy Note 20 Plus could debut with a 108-megapixel sensor for its primary shooting chores. This is no longer a new sensor, of course—the Galaxy S20 Ultra sports a 108MP shooter, along with a 12MP ultra-wide camera, 48MP telephoto lens, and a depth vision camera on the backside.

According to Ice Universe, a prominent leaker in the mobile space, Samsung will also equip the Galaxy Note 20 Plus with another sensor to help with focusing. The Galaxy S20 Ultra has been the subject of criticism over the camera's struggle to properly focus objects that are in close proximity, and while there have been software patches to address this, this rumor suggests Samsung is looking at an actual hardware fix.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus Images Leak

Ice Universe also posted a couple of supposed render designs of the Galaxy Note 20 Plus. Here is a look...

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus

The leakers says not to get too caught up in comparatively chunky bezel because it's "just a rough design preview." In other words, the final design will look different than these images, though we get an overall glimpse of the phone. Notably, we see it's a full screen display with a punch hole at the top for the front-facing camera, and on the back, it seems Samsung is going with a rectangular boxout for the rear camera arrangement.

We see three rear cameras on the back, along with a smaller circle. This could be the flash, or perhaps the additional sensor rumored above, to help the 108MP shooter bring objects into better focus. We will have to wait and see.

As for the core hardware and features, rumor has it the Galaxy Note 20 Plus will sport a 6.87-inch display while the regular Galaxy Note 20 will debut with a 6.42-inch screen, both powered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor (or Samsung's Exynos 992) and 12GB of RAM.