Samsung EVO Super Fast MicroSD Card Deals Start At $7, 256GB For Just $39

Samsung EVO Select MicroSD Card Deal
Expanding your smartphone storage has never been easier, with many of today's Android devices sporting expandable MicroSD card slots on board to offer additional capacity. And of course DSLR shutterbugs, videographers and drone flyers alike can all appreciate having enough high speed memory card storage at the ready in order to capture the moment. Fortunately, the Flash memory market has been advancing so rapidly that prices have been plummeting almost as fast as performance has been cranking up. 

These days it’s not uncommon to find MicroSD cards that can offer 100MB/s of throughput (Class 10 UHS 3) for 4K video recording or other high speed storage needs, and NAND Flash juggernaut Samsung puts out some of the fastest, most reliable SD cards around. Right now there are also some really good deals out there on Samsung EVO Select MicroSD cards that are likely too good to pass up, for those that are looking for a little expansion in their digital storage arsenal. 

Amazon has the following deals going on, with up to a 35 percent savings on certain capacities:
Most of the deals come with free shipping for orders over $25 and the cards carry a 10 year limited warranty, which is pretty great for any portable storage product. The cards are also backwards compatible to the UHS-1 interface as well. If you check out the user reviews on Amazon, the product is also highly rated by a large group of about 16,000 users.