AMD Ryzen 8000G AM5 Desktop APU Lineup Specs And Release Details Break Cover

amd ryzen 7000 in socket 1
Today we've discovered a pretty big leak that, if accurate, reveals most of the pertinent details about AMD's first Socket AM5 "APUs", or desktop processors with powerful integrated graphics. We don't have any way to verify the content of the leak so take this with however many grains of salt that you wish, but the information looks perfectly plausible.

In summary, the leak originates from Iranian site Sakhtafzar Mag and details the specifications of what it purports to be the Ryzen 8000G family. We already heard in an earlier leak that the first APUs for Socket AM5 would be part of the Ryzen 8000 series rather than the extant Ryzen 7000 series; this leak corroborates that, continuing the trend of mid-generation APU releases with an incremented model number. If you recall, AMD did the same thing with the Ryzen 4000 and Ryzen 6000 processors, albeit mobile-only for the latter.

sakhtafzar ryzen8000 specifications

Sakhtafzar Mag notes that that new chips are based on AMD's Phoenix and Phoenix 2 silicon, just as we theorized before. That means that the parts top out at eight Zen 4 cores and six RDNA 3 workgroup processors (WGPs). We still might see significantly improved performance over the mobile parts using the same chips, though; we found that there's still a lot of performance left on the table with Phoenix at 35W.

benchmark2 gaming

Indeed, the report provides some benchmarks of a Ryzen 7 8700G processor against a Ryzen 7 5700G APU in both games and productivity tasks. The performance boosts that the site predicts range anywhere from around 40% in Geekbench Compute all the way up to 200% in Doom Eternal. Of course, it has to be said that the move to Socket AM5 will also necessitate a move to DDR5, which is likely making up the majority of the difference in games.

benchmark1 compute

The leakers share the supposed release dates for these APUs at the end of the post as well as some curious information about new Socket AM4 chips. We'll start with that—the site claims that AMD has no less than four more Socket AM4 parts on the way. Those include the previously-rumored Ryzen 7 5700X3D, a mysterious Ryzen 7 5700NPU, and then two parts called Ryzen 5 5500GT and Ryzen 5 5600GT.

Sakhtafzar Mag doesn't explain what the "GT" suffix implies, and also doesn't explain the NPU chip, but does say that all of these parts, including the Ryzen 8000G series, will be announced on January 31st with availability coming on February 11th—at least, if we're understanding the Google-Translated Farsi correctly.