Rumors Suggest The Next iPhone SE Will Take On A Familiar Form With Larger Display

Apple iPhone XR (2018)
An Apple iDevice tipster of some repute has shared a dollop of interesting information about the next ‘affordable’ iPhone. It is claimed that the iPhone SE 4 will mark a step-change in this popular series. It will bring a move to a significantly larger screen which bears an uncanny resemblance to the iPhone XR. We hope that the screen notch, if present on the upcoming SE4, isn’t quite a humungous as on the old (2018) XR.

Some segments of the tech press laughed heartily at the original Samsung Galaxy Note and its “awkwardly large… ungainly… oversize 5.3-inch screen”. However, that was 10 years ago, and even Apple has now decided that its 4.7-inch iPhone SE (2020, 2022) is too small to be revised forward. If indeed it does inflate to iPhone XR size, that means a screen with a 6.1-inch diagonal. Incidentally, The Verge published an opinion piece earlier this week suggesting that 6.1-inches is the “ideal smartphone screen size.” Coincidence or a Cupertino collusion conspiracy? You decide.

Apple iPhone SE (2022)
Apple iPhone SE (2022)

As an updated iPhone XR adaptation, some other things beyond the screen dimensions are going to be changing with the iPhone SE 4. Of course, the inner tech specs are going to be updated for its touted launch window in 2023. For example, current SE users may lament the loss of the physical Home button, done away with to boost the screen/body ratio. FaceID will replace it, biometrically, according to usually reliable Apple rumor source Jon Prosser. Thus, SE users will also have to get used to the on-screen navigation alternative to the physical Home button. Other things users can expect with the refreshed iPhone SE 2023/24 design include a new 12MP rear camera, and IP67 water and dust resistance, according to the source.

Adding weight to Prosser’s predictions, another Apple forecasting veteran, and industry analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has tipped the next revision of the iPhone SE to be radically different. Mr Kuo reckons the big revamp date will be during 2024, not next year. The Apple analyst got it right with his previous iPhone SE 3 (2022) model predictions.