Reports of Quicken's Mac Death Incorrect

What was that old saying?  "The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated?"  This appears to be the case with Quicken for the Mac, despite Internet reports of its cancellation.
The Macintosh version of Quicken is s alive and well, according to Intuit spokesperson Jodi Reinman. Reinman refuted reports floating on the Web that Quicken for Mac has been cancelled, in a telephone interview with Macworld on Wednesday.

Following Intuit’s announcement yesterday of a new version of Quicken for Windows, some Mac users have asked the company when the next version for the Mac was to be announced. Ill-informed customer service reps employed by Intuit have erroneously told Mac customers that Quicken 2007 would be last version for the Mac platform.

Something to be reckoned with, however, is the work that Intuit is doing on the online version of Quicken, which we previously wrote about. That, of course, would be accessed through a browser, and thus no longer be platform-specific.   A possible concern for Mac users who prefer a desktop version?  Only time will tell.
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