Red Dead Redemption 2 Rating Granted In Australia Hinting At PC Port

PC gamers often don't want to play games on a console and hold out in hopes of a decent port. There are so many console gamers and only a few consoles to develop for, so developers tend to go that route on many games to start. One perfect example is Red Dead Redemption 2.


The game launched on Xbox and PS4, while the PC gamers out there who refuse to use a controller, have been waiting to see when and if the game would land for them to play. Rumors of a Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) PC port have resurfaced after a mysterious RDR2 listing turned up on the Australian Classification Board's website this week.

Initially, the request for a rating, which doesn't specify its for the PC, was denied. However, RDR2 has since the initial denial been granted a rating by the board. Since the console version launched ten months ago and already has a rating, scuttlebutt suggests that the MA 15+ rating that was granted for RDR2 in Australia is for the PC version of the game.

There is always the chance that the rating request is for some new version of the console game that has content that wasn't in the game when it was originally certified last year. Rumors of a PC port have been making the rounds almost since RDR2 launched. The first hints came from a LinkedIn profile for a developer that listed work on the PC version of RDR2.

The profile was quickly changed. Later additional developer profiles turned up showing work on a PC version of RDR2. PC gamers have been waiting in anticipation for their version of the acclaimed game. Rockstar has a history of launching games on the PC long after they land for console gamers.