Rockstar Vows To Tweak Red Dead Online In-Game Economy After Complaints

The most successful video game launch in entertainment industry history goes to Red Dead Redemption 2 with $752 million in sales in the first three days the game was available. The praise for the game continues to pile up, but the same can't be said for the online portion of the game that recently entered beta. Red Dead Online was flamed by many who participated in the game beta.

red dead o beta

Problems that gamers had with the online portion came down to the fact that it was shaping up to be a microtransaction bonanza as the many missions gave out incredibly low amounts of money for completion compared to the high cost of weapon upgrades, tents, new weapons, and foodstuffs. One of the biggest complaints was the high price of baked beans at $1.50 per can in the game compared to something like a gold ring that sold for $1.15.


Rockstar went to Twitter to offer a status update for Red Dead Online fans, taking the time to thank all the folks who participated in the beta. Rockstar confirmed that its current areas of focus include the in-game economy "that will require some additional balancing in order to ensure all activities are appropriately rewarding and fun..." Rockstar also says that it is working on some persistent bugs that are forcing players to be kicked from game sessions.

The developers also note that the game was designed to allow issues such as these to be addressed quickly and that the updates to address these issues will be available as early as the end of the week. Rockstar says that player feedback has been invaluable and that it will continue to update fans on the progress of the game. It also asks that players continue to send it feedback about the game and things they would like to see changed.