Red Dead Online Is Disturbingly Filling Up With Burned Horse Carcasses

Many Red Dead Online players have never thought to set a horse on fire. That thought having never crossing the minds of many players is why some fans of the game have been so disturbed over the last few days. Piles of dead, burned horses have been showing up outside towns around the game world. Reports indicate that the piles of dead horses have to do with some sort of duplication bug in the game.

rdo horses

The first instance of the piles of dead and burned up horses started to turn up Saturday night. Initially, players believed that the piles of burnt horses was the work of a few determined players making some sort of strange statement in the game. Reports indicate if you shoot near the piles of dead horses, they make loud noises.

A duplication bug was recently discovered that allows players to catch one large fish and then clone the fish into their inventory using a method involving a horse. Some think that an attempt to fix that bug led to the horse problem. Rockstar appears to have tried to address the mounds of dead horses in the game with a hotfix or server-side update as reports indicate that towns around the game are empty and NPCs aren't spawning.

Some suggest the lack of NPCs indicates that Rockstar might have turned off spawns for NPCs to stop the fish duplicate glitch from being exploited. Rockstar has made no comment on any changes to the Red Dead Online game world. Interestingly, the bug is more common on the PS4, but the dead horse issue has been seen on Xbox One. Other than being very macabre, the deceased equine are potentially causing performance issues in the game with players reporting dipping frame rates and server disconnects.

Red Dead Online is picking up steam after a shaky start with players complaining about in-game currency and the cost of staples like baked beans. Rockstar promised to tweak the in-game economy to make players happy, and the tweaks have been successful so far.