Radeon X800 XL Shootout, Gigabyte 8I955X Motherboard, and more!

Hey folks, just stopping in and dropping off some reading material. Any of you gamers want to know what $4K will buy you? Sharky Extreme will show you. Those of you with 1700+'s and GF4 MX's, you might not want to look. And for those of you with ATI cards, you can check out Marco's review of the new Catalyst 5.6 drivers running on a Radeon X800XL 512MB. Goodnight folks!

RADEON X800 XL Shootout @ Hardware Zone

"ATI's RADEON X800 XL cards are turning out to be very attractive value for money prospects for those looking for a decent and affordable high-end card. We examine the credentials of seven RADEON X800 XL cards and see which one should get your dollar."

Coolmax CU-400T 400W Modular PSU Review @ XYZ Computing

"Coolmax just recently released its first ever modular power supply. This product, the 400W CU series PSU, builds on Coolmax's existing power supplies but has included their "EZ Wires" system. This means unneeded wiring does not have to be connected and can be left out of the case. By using only to necessary wiring the interior of your enclosure will not only be neater, but can be arranged for better air flow."

Gigabyte 8I955X Motherboard Review @ PC Perspective

"The Gigabyte 8I955X Royal motherboard had a lot to live up to being the first of the new dual core capable motherboards to reach us for the Intel platform. Intel's 955X chipset doesn't really offer anything new and exciting over the 925X/E chipsets, with the exception of dual core processor support, so vendors are going to struggle to find a way to make this new board generation stand out from their last."

DFI's Crossfire Solution Posted! @ Rojak Pot

"The motherboard itself is not ready for mass production yet as there are still a few things to work out. Fine-tuning of the board was not possible yet as everything was pretty much still in the beta stage. Therefore, the stability of this board isn't up to the level one can use it 24/7. But from what we saw, it is still a respectable sample, considering the fact that the DFI only had about two months to get the board out in time for Computex."