Radeon X800 Series Article Update

Good morning all... I've gone in and made updates to two sections of our ATi Radeon X800 article, that I think you all will find somewhat interesting.

First, we discovered that the particular NV Forceware driver revision we were using in our Wolfenstein Enemy Territory tests, had issues relative to its setting of NV's trilinear optimization function.  We've updated the benchmarks with a graph based on the 60.72 Forceware driver set, that shows the effects of this setting both on and off.  You can find this update here.

Secondly, I was also totally off the mark, with respect to Centroid AA and its ability to clean up the aliasing issues we were seeing in the "AS-Glacier" map area, we were testing for some of our image quality comparisons.  An ATi representative cleared that up a bit for us and I've made an update here in that section.

My apologies for not catching these two spotty areas earlier folks.  Things were a bit hectic, as you can imagine, for this article but I think we have things straight now.

Carry on!  :)


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