Qik Brings Mobile Streaming To Mass Markets

A new service from Qik makes it possible for you to stream live audio and video from feature phones to PCs. Claimed to be the first mobile live streaming service on mass market, or feature, phones (meaning not smartphones or PDA-phones), Qik is now available in its first public alpha release for a slew of J2ME phones.

Currently supported phones include Nokia S40 and Sony Ericsson JP-8 devices. More specifically, Qik mentions the Nokia 5300, 6300, 6500 classic, 6500 slide, 6555, and 8800 Arte along with the Sony Ericsson K850, K858, W890, W910, W908, K660, G502, and

Qik also believes it can support the following phones fairly quickly with a little help from its users: Nokia 3120 classic, 3600 slide, 3555, 5610 Xpress Music, 6600 fold, 6600 slide, 6212 classic, 7373, 7390, and 7900 Prism. If you have one of these phones with a data plan, Qik is asking for your help and input. You can contact them at s40@qik.com.

Qik also provides a short video to encourage you to give the service a try...

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