PUBG Hits Version 1.0 On Xbox One Adding Sanhok Map And New Weapons, Vehicles

For a long time, PUBG was the game to beat on Steam, and console gamers were very excited when the game finally landed for them to enjoy. The launch date for the early version of the game was December 2017. The game landed on the console and was popular for a while before being gutted by the much more popular and well received Fortnite -- Epic's battle royale gamer cost PUBG half of its player base. PUBG hasn't given up, and the game landed in a special bundle with the Xbox One X.

pubg xbox

All the while PUBG has been available as part of the Xbox Game Preview meaning that it wasn’t an official release. The official release has now happened with the game hitting version 1.0 and bringing some new goodies for players to enjoy. The biggest of those new additions is the Sanhok map. Sanhok is the map that forced players into a play area that measured 4km x 4km rather than the standard map size of 8x8km for more action and quicker matches.

pubg xb

Along with the new map also comes several new items including new weapons like the QBZ and QBU. The QBU weapon is only available on the Sanhok map. Another Sanhok map exclusive is a vehicle called the Rony, a truck that can hold four players. A pair of new playlists also land with the version 1.0 update; Battle Royale and Mini Royale. The Battle Royale playlist randomly drop players onto either the Erangel or Miramar maps while the Mini Royal playlist exclusively uses Sanhok for now.

The playlists allow gamers to randomly play on one of three maps for those times when you just can’t decide where to play. Version 1.0 just landed for Xbox One gamers, and already PUBG Corp is looking down the line with updates promised for the future. The updates coming include War Mode and custom matches. There is no exact date on when those will land, the game's official website only says, "a little later." PUBG for Xbox One gamers sells for $30 with a Sanhok Edition selling for $50, which includes the game and Sanhok Event Pass.

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