PUBG Gets Xbox One Launch Date, Version 1.0 Coming Soon For PC

The splash that PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds on the gaming community has made has been incredible. The game so far has only been offered on Steam for PC gamers and isn’t even out of its early access form yet. But that hasn't stopped the title from already setting records for the highest concurrent player count, hitting 2.3 million concurrent users last month. On the other hand, PC gamers haven't all been happy to hear that PUBG is heading to consoles because they want their game fixed and flawless first.

pubg xb

Yesterday, it was announced that PUBG is coming to Xbox One with a launch date of December 12. The game will arrive as an exclusive via the Xbox Game Preview program. That means it will still be in early access on December 12, just as it has been all this time on Steam for PC gamers. PUBG Corp. CEO Chang Han Kim wrote, "We're approaching development on Xbox One with the same community-driven focus that we've taken with the game on PC. As a result, the ultimate battle royale experience that fans play on Xbox One will be slightly different than what players know today on PC."

While most of the talk has been about the Xbox One version of the game, there is also news for PC gamers. PUBG is on track to launch version 1.0 of the PC game in late December. Perhaps the flaws and issues that PC gamers want fixed will be addressed in that update. Chang Han Kim wrote that the PC and Xbox One version of the game will be developed at the same time, but they are on different roadmaps.

Presumably that means that each game will be slightly different. Chang wrote, "Various Xbox One features and functionality will change and come online over time just like they have on PC, with our goal being to have both versions align to each other as soon as possible. Feedback as you know has been critical to the game’s success, so beginning December 12 we want to hear from Xbox fans on what they think about PUBG and how we can make the best version of the game possible."

To celebrate the launch of the game on Xbox One, there are three limited-edition cosmetic packs available including the PUBG Warrior pack, PUBG Accessory Pack, and the PUBG Tracksuit Pack. The special cosmetic packs will be exclusive for Xbox gamers and will be standalone offers available for a limited time. The Xbox Game Preview version of the game will have no in-game purchases and these cosmetic items are the only items that can be purchased during the preview period.