Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro Available For Killer $299 With This Blazin' Hot Deal

sony ps4 pro

Tech fans know that Woot is a place where you can get some good deals on all sorts of products, from electronics to pillows. The latest deal from Woot is one that console gamers will greatly appreciate. With the next-generation Sony game console expected this holiday season, prices on the current generation gear are dropping. Woot has a nice discount on the Sony PS4 Pro 1TB console.

Gamers wanting to step up to 4K resolution gaming can get the PS4 Pro at Woot for $299.99, which is 25% off the normal $399.99 price (making for a $100 discount). The hallmark of the console is that it supports 4K graphics, but it's also faster all around. It will of course support 1080p graphics as well.

It wasn't so long ago that this console was selling for much more than Woot's asking price. Included with the console is a single controller; buyers will need a second controller for any two-player action. The console is new, and Woot limits purchases to 10 per customer. The deal is good for 23 days or until the units are sold out. Woot notes that all the consoles are brand-new sealed in the original retail  box and these aren't refurbs.

This deal will be more appealing to gamers who lean towards Sony than the Xbox One X deal we talked about from Dell yesterday. That Dell deal was offering a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Xbox One X with an extra controller for $349.98.

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