Posting Patient Photos on MySpace Lead to Firing

Either these hospital workers have a strange fetish or ... well, we actually can't think of an alternative.

Two University of New Mexico Hospital employees were fired after it was discovered that they have been posting photos of patients' injuries to MySpace. The workers were using their cell phone cameras. A hospital supervisor received an anonymous tip about them on Tuesday and launched an inquiry.

The MySpace page could only be accessed by the employee's MySpace friends, as the profile was set to private, a small measure of comfort. Additionally, the identifying features of the patients were omitted, so no one could be identified --- but neither could the hospital inform any of the victims of the incident. Sam Giammo, a spokesman for the hospital said:
"This is the first time that something like this has ever happened that we are aware of. We've come down hard on the discipline, because we want people to know we won't tolerate it."
Besides the two who were fired, several other workers were disciplined for not reporting it.
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