PlayStation Communities App Brings PSN Social Gaming To Android And iOS

If you're a fan of Sony's PlayStation Communities feature, but have been left a little perturbed by the fact that Sony somehow has never integrated the functionality into one of its mobile apps: you can now relax. The company today released iOS and Android versions of an app specifically-tailored to those who participate in any PS community.

There's something we should warn you about up-front: this is yet another app specific to the PlayStation 4, joining PS Messages, the simply-named "PlayStation", and a few others. It'd be amazing if Sony were to ever combine all three of these apps together, because it's not as though keeping them separate results in faster performance in each.

PlayStation Communities App

Nonetheless, those willing to commit to another app will be able to enjoy simplified access to anything community-related, which includes being able to join or leave groups, look at member lists, comment, share images, and see what your friends are up to. Unfortunately, it appears that admin controls have been left out, but we can't imagine that Sony wouldn't add them in at some point.

Perhaps the most useful aspect of this app for mobile warriors is that it can send push notifications to your device; that way you can keep up on things while on-the-go. Beyond that, the app is pretty much exactly what you'd expect. We still hold out hope that someday, Sony will wise up and start combining the functionality of all of its PS-related apps together to, similar to what Microsoft has done with the Xbox app.