Best Buy's Smoking Pixel 2 XL Deal Offers $400 Savings

Android fans in the market for a new phone may want to check out the deal that Best Buy has going right now on the Pixel 2 XL. The electronics retail giant is offering the Pixel 2 XL 64GB smartphone in black or black/white for $18.74 per month via Verizon. That is a total savings of $400 and the deal breaks down in part with an instant credit on the purchase and bill credits on your monthly service plan.

pixel 2 xl

Best Buy is offering a $200 instant discount that combines with a discount of $8.33 per month on your carrier bill as a credit each month for 24 months, meaning users pay $18.74 monthly for the deal, which you can find right here. The bill credits end when the smartphone is paid off. If you want to forgo all those bill credits and just pay the device off and activate today, you will need to cough up $849.99. As always, the caveat here is if you are a qualified customer or not. If not qualified, you may need to pay some money down to get the device.

pixel 2 xl bb

If you want more storage than the standard 64GB flavor, Best Buy is offering the exact same credit on the 128GB version of the device in the same colors. The discount brings the 128GB version down to $22.91 monthly. This is the best deal that we have seen on the Pixel 2 XL so far. Previously, Google offered the smartphone with $200 cash back and a free charger. We have also seen the smartphone for $150 off via Project Fi.

google pixel 2 family

The Pixel 2 XL didn't launch without its issues. There were reports early on of OLED screen burn-in issues that saw Google open a formal investigation. Google eventually offered an update to address the issue.