Here's How To Score A Google Pixel 2 XL For $150 Off With Project Fi

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Time sure does fly when you're having fun. The Project Fi MVNO wireless service just turned three years old today, and to celebrate, Google is offering a nice discount on its flagship Pixel 2 XL smartphones. Sure, we've seen some excellent Qualcomm Snapdragon 845-based flagships from the likes of Samsung and Sony so far this year, but few smartphones give you the clean, unblemished Android UI that comes with the Pixel 2 family.

Today only you can purchase a 64GB Pixel 2 XL on Project Fi for $699 or the 128GB model for $799. These prices represent a $150 savings off their normal MSRP. Even better, the discounts are applied at checkout instead of being given back to you in the form of bill credits, a rebate card, or store credit at a later date. However, if you fail to activate the phone within 30 days, Google will charge that $150 right back to your credit card – so activate quickly once you receive the phone.

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If you're looking to score a discount on the Pixel 2, we're sorry to inform you that Google is only spreading the Project Fi birthday savings to the Pixel 2 XL. We should also mention that the promotion ends tonight at 11PM PST.

The standard Project Fi plan starts at $20 per month and gives you unlimited domestic talk/text and unlimited international texting. Data can then be added to your plan at a cost of $10 per gigabyte. So, a plan that includes 5GB of data would cost you a total of $70 per month. However, if you were to only use 2GB during your billing cycle, you would receive a bill credit for $30.

Bill Protection puts an added wrinkle in the above formula by capping your bill at $80 once you use over 6GB of data. However, once you hit 15GB, Google will begin throttling your data speeds.

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