Pentium EE 840, Samsung CLP-510n, AGP Standard Fate and More

Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840 Processor Review @ PCPerspective:

"The processor package itself looks like any other LGA775 Pentium processor released by the chip giant, and that is a good thing -- common sockets and connectors usually indicate a much easier transition to a new technology. However, this doesn't mean that current users of LGA775 motherboards based on older chipsets are just going to be able to replace their current Pentium 4 with the new Pentium XE; a new chipset is going to be required in the form of the 955X, which we'll cover on the next page."

Samsung CLP-510n @ Overclocker Online:

"Overall this series of Samsung CLP-500's seem to be an awesome series of color laser printers. It looks like Samsung has made a couple of speed enhancements to the CLP-510n over the CLP-550's. A processor change and perhaps some additional hardware changes to improve this already great printer series."

AGP Standard May Fade Away in 2005 @ CoolTechZone:

"There has been a lot of speculation as to when PCI Express (PCIe) will finally take over AGP for good. Even though there isn't any performance difference between the two standards, PCIe is the standard of the future where game developers and GPU makers should be able to work on to bring in more realistic, and GPU intensive games with elevated bandwidth requirements to everyone's personal setups. This is what we (as users) wanted, and this is where the industry is headed. Sooner or later AGP was bound to disappear, but how soon? We may have gotten a speculative and educated answer from an industry insider."

Wireless Networking Troubleshooting Guide @ The Tech Zone:

"If you're like me, you've come to take wireless pretty much for granted. Everywhere I go, I expect to be able to connect to the internet to check my email, chat with my friends or get some work done. It seem no matter where I am, I can open my notebook and find a wireless network to plug into. However, there are times when I'm logged into a wireless network and suddenly lose the connection or the speed suddenly drops to an unbearable level. I'm sure you have experience this as well."