PCI Express Target Of Patent Law Suit

There haven't been too many law suits that have this kind of far-reaching industry-wide consequences: PCI-Express itself has come under attack by Microlinc LCC according to their latest filing in Texas.

Perhaps the strangest part of all is that this suit will put even rivals AMD and Intel on the same side, not something that is accomplished that often:

“As a result, Intel is named alongside nine other companies that the plaintiff believes are contributing to the perceived infringement. Intel's rival AMD is included for using PCI Express for its mainboards, as is NVIDIA. Large computer makers Apple, Acer, Dell, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Sony, and Toshiba are all accused of aiding Intel by building desktops and notebooks that use the offending technology.”

The sheer number of companies or even component manufacturers that use or have used PCI-Express in their product(s) is staggering.  We're waiting to see how many companies are eventually impacted by this, but we're pretty sure that it will be a mind-boggling high number.

We're unclear at this time just what kind of compensation is being requested, but we'll make sure to keep you updated as news comes in.