PayPal Offers Key Fob Secondary Identification. Can Secret Knock Be Far Behind?

Phishing scams are all the rage these days. And as the scammers get more sophisticated, it's not just noobs who get their info and their money stolen. E*Bay's subsidiary PayPal is preparing to offer a key fob for its users to make stealing your info only half the battle.

PayPal's use of key fobs represents what is called two-factor authentication, a login system in which an additional form of device-oriented verification is used in addition to a conventional password. Two-factor authentication is advantageous because it prevents a user's account from being stolen when one of the two authentication forms is compromised.

Might help. Maybe someday we can get back to the good old days, when people just stuck a pistol under your nose and demanded your wallet. The direct approach is best, they always say.

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