Paradox Unveils Yet Another Windows Vista Crack

Microsoft boasts that Windows Vista is possibly one of the most secure operating systems to date and sports a plethora of security orientated features, but pirate organization Paradox is still giving the new OS a run for its money. Paradox's new crack installs and fully activates Windows Vista without the product ever contacting Microsoft to verify the installation. The crack exploits special product keys used for installing Vista on distributor machines quickly and easily without 'phoning home' while emulating special BIOS code which allows Vista to be installed on any hardware . Microsoft claims eventually it will find these illegal installations by tracing those specific keys but until then it seems this method of cracking Windows Vista will continue to work.

Just as my inbox was recovering from the flames from my last story on crackers/ hackers/pirates, along comes news of yet another exploit. APC mag carries details of a crack released by pirate horde Paradox, which allows a stolen installation of Vista to be activated and made fully-operational without phoning home to Redmond. Like XP before it, MS produces OEM versions of Vista for shipping with new systems as a result of outfits like Acer and HP reckoning the whole process was too complex for their dim-witted customers to get their heads round. The chosen companies get a unique key for their preloads and the system can then run straight out of the box as soon as the punter gets it home.