Oppo X 2021 Is Rollable Display Concept Phone That Magically Expands In Your Hands

oppo x 2021
Over the past year, we've seen different form-factors emerge for smartphones as OEMs look to differentiate their flagship devices. We've seen interesting entries like the Galaxy Fold and Motorola Razr 5G folding phones along with the rotating display on the LG Wing

Oppo is looking to go in a different direction with the Oppo X 2021 concept. Instead of using a single folding display or dual screens (like the Surface Duo), the Oppo X 2021 features a scrolling mechanism that unfurls the phone display outward. This allows the screen’s size to grow from 6.7 inches to as much as 7.4 inches. You can see this in action in the Oppo promo video below.

The 6.8mm diameter scrolling mechanism allows the smartphone to perform its screen "dance" without unsightly creases that we see in devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 2. In addition, Oppo has designed what it calls a Warp Track, which is a protective layer under the display that prevents damage when the user opens and closes the device multiple times per day. There is also a 2-in-1 support plate which provides extra support for the display when it is in the open position.

What's really interesting is that the mechanism that allows the display to extend and retract is actually automated. You swipe along the right side of the smartphone’s body and tiny motors instead do all the work. We'd imagine that Oppo took this route to prevent ham-fisted users from pulling too hard on the display past its "stopping" limits, but it's definitely a neat trick to show friends. However, it also results in a device that looks noticeably thicker than the average smartphone, and it has the added complexity of even more moving parts.

We've seen similar concepts in the past from TCL, and even LG has hinted that the next smartphone in its Explorer series will also feature a rollable display. Whether this concept makes it way to production remains to be seen for Oppo, but we have the feeling that regardless of its intentions, LG will beat it to the punch.

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