OnePlus One Owners Get First Crack At Newly Released Cyanogen OS 12

It's been a long and sometimes contentious wait for OnePlus One owners eager to taste the sweetness of Lollipop, but the wait is now over -- Cyanogen OS 12 has begun rolling out to OnePlus One devices today, giving eager owners of the handset first lick. YU Yureka device owners will follow suit "very soon," Cyanogen announced in a blog post.

Getting to this point was an adventure in and of itself. The OnePlus team made the mistake of 
telling users that a Lollipop update would arrive by the end of last month, though Cyanogen never offered up a time frame. As the promised dates came and went without an update, OnePlus One owners got a little antsy, prompting Cyanogen co-founder and CEO Kirt McMaster to tell fans via Twitter, "Guys, calm the f down. It's coming soon. When ready!"

OnePlus One

Politically correct? Probably not, but it's water under the bridge at this point. "When ready" turned out to be mid-April, and now OnePlus One owners can enjoy all the goodness of Google's Android 5.0 Lollipop software, minus the bloat and plus the special features and functions that Cyanogen bakes into the custom ROM.

One of the things OnePlus One owners will want to play with is a new feature called App Themer. Cyanogen says its latest 'L' release gives users extra theming features, down to the granular ability to theme individual apps using App Themer. They'll also have access to a wider selection of paid and free themes.

"The 'L' update has been a labor of love for many of us here, with contributions from the CyanogenMod open source community. Go ahead and treat yourself to Cyanogen OS 12," Cyanogen said.

We're sure OnePlus One owners will do exactly that!