Cyanogen CEO Tells OnePlus One Owners To 'Calm The F*** Down' Over Delayed Lollipop Update

OnePlus One handset owners hoped they'd be rocking Lollipop by now, though things haven't gone exactly to plan. If they did, Cyanogen would have rolled out a version of its Oxygen OS based on Lollipop on March 27 and CyanogenMod 12S on March 30 at the latest, as was promised earlier this month. Now that we're into April, the natives are getting a bit restless, prompting a rather snippy response CEO Kirt McMaster.

Short and sweet, "Calm the f down." Or in its entirety, McMaster took to Twitter to tell OnePlus One owners, "Guys, calm the f down. It's coming soon. When ready!" Perhaps it's not the most politically correct way to talk to customers, though it certainly gets the point across. Plus, it wasn't Cyanogen who promised a release date on Lollipop, but OnePlus.

OnePlus One

Nevertheless, it's understandable that OnePlus One owners would begin grumbling, or at least inquiring with increased frequency. The aforementioned March release dates already represented a bit of a delay, as the team ran into an "unforeseen OS signing issue" and stability problems with the camera when running Lollipop. On top of it all, several critical drivers, including Wi-Fi drivers, had to be updated in order to function properly.

At this point, the finish line is in sight. Supposedly everything is running stable, the camera works without issue, and critical drivers have been updated, so it's just a matter of waiting for the certification process to run its course. If we had to guess, we'd say Lollipop will arrive to OnePlus One owners by the end of the month.