OnePlus 12 Breaks Ground As First Phone To Use Sony's LYTIA Camera Sensor

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The OnePlus 12 will come with a newfangled Sony LYTIA image sensor that's expected to move the needle beyond the already fantastic camera on the OnePlus 11. Do the Pixel 8 Pro or Galaxy S23 Ultra have anything to worry about?

Last year's OnePlus 11 brought the company back into the flagship game with plenty of power, efficiency, and class-leading charging speeds at a price that undercut its competitors. A Hasselblad-tuned camera package rounded up the show by offering above average to excellent image quality.

Showing that OnePlus isn't a one-trick pony, the OnePlus 12 is gearing up not merely to be a flagship chaser, but to level the playing field altogether. The company has confirmed that its new phone will feature a new Sony LYTIA mobile image sensor. This makes sense as OnePlus' parent company Oppo has been working in partnership with Sony to incorporate the Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation-developed sensor tech into its future flagships. Apparently, the OnePlus 12 will be the first to get a higher-end 50MP sensor for its main camera, probably the IMX966.

LYTIA mobile sensor

The sensor itself will be 1/1.4-inch built on Sony's dual-layer stacked transistor pixel know-how. A similar setup premiered in the Xperia 1 V earlier this year using the Exmor IMX888 and, more recently, the OnePlus Open. One benefit of this setup is that is can capture as much light as a larger 1-inch sensor while keeping the sensor package comparatively smaller. Night photography has been a hit-or-miss with the OnePlus 11, so this bit of news could really raise the game against the current low-light leaders from Samsung, Apple, and Google.

OnePlus' post doesn't state the launch window, but we're expecting it to be either mid-December (which would mark the company's 10th anniversary) or January 2024. Between possessing the latest camera tech and being one of the first phones to run the blazing fast Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, the OnePlus 12 could be another big winner, especially if OnePlus can stay close to or at the original $700 MSRP of the previous phone.

Main image credit: OnLeaks