Link Takes Flight Again At The Official Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Site

hero zelda tears of the kingdom ledge
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom may just be the most hotly-anticipated game release in a year full of big video game names. As the follow-up to Breath of the Wild, it is (rather unusually) a direct sequel to that title and takes place in fundamentally the same game world. It isn't just a rehash by any means, though, and the official site for the game makes that clear by emphasizing the new ways that Link can explore his world.

zeldatears sky

Over at, Nintendo has gussied up the official site for Tears of the Kingdom with new video clips, images, and text that elaborate on the changes made to the game over Breath of the Wild. Much of the early marketing for the game has focused on the new "sky islands" floating over Hyrule, and that's apparently where our intrepid hero's adventure will begin.

zeldatears surface

However, the whole game isn't set in the sky. Indeed, it seems like the whole overworld from Breath of the Wild is present, although it's apparently been changed quite a bit. The site says that "familiar locations have been dramatically transformed," and that there are "new towns, dank caves, and mysterious gaping chasms" waiting for players to discover and explore them. Given that this is the largest first-party Nintendo game ever, we expect there to be plenty to find.

zeldatears fuse
Link has fused a boulder to his stick to create a primitive mace weapon.

The site also goes over Link's new abilities. Most of these were demonstrated in the gameplay preview trailer a few weeks ago, but it's interesting to have them named and explained. The Ultrahand works a bit like a gravity gun, allowing Link to pick up, move, rotate, and attach objects to each other. The Fuse power lets Link attach objects to his weapon, shield, or arrow to improve them or add new functions.

zeldatears recall

Two other powers are listed on the site that were barely shown in the trailer. The Ascend power allows Link to pass through solid objects above him, and that can include not only ceilings and hillsides, but apparently certain enemies. Meanwhile, the Recall power apparently works not only on world geometry and physics objects (as demonstrated) but also on thrown weapons or enemy projectiles, which sounds pretty fun.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom releases on May 12th, which is a Friday. Pre-orders are open pretty much everywhere, but you could order the game from Amazon using this link to help out our site. If you're keen to play the game but lack the requisite Switch, you can pick up a special collector's edition of the system with an OLED screen and a copy of the game for a minor discount.