OCZ Technology Announces the Gamer eXtreme XTC 2GB Dual Channel Kits

OCZ Technology Announces the Gamer eXtreme XTC 2GB Dual Channel Kits

Sunnyvale, CA -- November 15, 2005 -- OCZ Technology, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today announced the release of the PC-3200 and PC-4000 Gold GX XTC 1024MB Modules. These exciting, new memory solutions will be available in 2GB Dual Channel Kits to accommodate the increasing demand for high density modules in today's contemporary gaming PCs.

The new Gamer eXtreme 1024MB modules feature the innovative, patent-pending XTC (Xtreme Thermal Convection) Heatspreaders. The unique design used in the XTC heatspreaders optimizes the thermal management of memory modules by promoting greater airflow by means of micro-convection throughout what is usually the dead air space inside conventional heatspreader designs. In this manner, build-up of heat is avoided and thermal dissipation of the memory components is offloaded more efficiently through the honeycomb design. At the same time, mechanical stability is maintained.

Both PC-3200 and PC-4000 GX XTC modules offer superior stability and performance for the modern gamer. The PC-3200 Gold 1GB/2GB kit runs blazing timings of 2-3-3-8 and the PC-4000 Gold 1GB/2GB kit pumps out timings of 3-4-3-8! These exceptional 2GB dual channel optimized kits are the ultimate memory upgrade for the latest graphic-intensive PC titles, such as Battlefield 2, Half Life 2, Doom 3, and Quake 4, which deliver the best end-user experience with 2GB+ of memory.

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